I feel disgusting. Fat, useless, worthless, untalented, failure, loser, bitch. I feel like puking up everything in me, or claw everything out. And if I could, I would. It sucks to feel this way.

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Will... post... again... soon. ugh. After AFA. After AFA;;


& Finish the 2min sketches. Repair Minho's leg. "Hey Blue Eyes".
& Finish Hocifer's JongHo fanart request.
& Fics? idk.
& Touch up Santa!Finland costume
& R&R.
& Practice Semi-Realism
& Graphics.



Ahh. I'm super glad I have one now. Even though it's the super bulky super big one. Ahhh. The Gakuen Hetalia game. ♥♥ Maybe I should trade my in for a 2nd hand but lighter version? Hmmmmmmm. Ah I just want to see FraSey. ♥♥

/sneezes onto your computer screen

I'm sorry

This has really really been eating my heart out. So I'd like to ask that you all would forgive me for being super immature and super bratty. I'm really sorry. I should have acted my age. I shouldn't have laughed. Well. I didn't laugh today. Nada. I hope that's an improvement. Oh god. I'm really really, truely sorry.
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Like the title,
May you have a great year ahead yeah? Let's do our best for the stupid O levels! <3
So Yeah. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS TO GET PEOPLE TO COOPERATE FOR THIS THING? LOL. A FEW COULDN'T COME, SOME DIDN'T REPLY, ONE DISLOCATED HER ANKLE. So It was just left with Myself, Korea, China, Hungary and Sey. D: So we scraped the whole Sentosa idea- YES WE WANTED TO BRING YOU TO SENTOSA AS A TREAT.- and went for the shopping idea -contributed by hungary dear- instead. 8D

Met them at like 10.30 in the morning, played around, bought cake, went to city hall, met you, went to Sakae, ate, had Wan to stall you in the toilets while they brought the cake out. =A=;; Be glad you arse. Joking. xD So yeah. Bought a new wig for Liechtenstein, Felt, Stuffing, Make-up remover etc. D: I'm officially broke for the god damned week. I hope you're happy, stupid economy.

I want the Face Shop's dual concealer stick as my christmas/birthday present. D: It's really good mannn.
Sey darling, Everything is gona be fine kayy? :]
Oh yeah. Started playing pokemon again. Yeah you heard right. Cause of a certain stupid one and cause I have a bad case of bored. Restared the entire thing. Lemme tell you. Training pokemon is a pain in the ass. D:

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